Homeowners have been warned not to risk insurance regrets by failing to take out cover for everyday items.

Dave Williams, said a survey of 2,000 people across the UK showed many had gone without insurance protection, only to regret it later.

“The research showed that 16 per cent of those surveyed didn’t insure their mobile phone as they didn’t think they needed to, only to find they were left unprotected when it was lost or damaged – and 13 per cent admitted they had done the same with kitchen appliances.

“More than one in ten had also tried to save money by going without breakdown cover on their car, only to find they needed help at the roadside.

“And despite the ever-increasing risks of cyber security threats, many did not bother to install online security and then found themselves needing it.”

Dave said the study found almost a tenth of the people surveyed said their laptop was infected by a virus after they failed to install security software, and more than one in 20 had found themselves in trouble after clicking on a malicious link with no security.

The survey showed that 38 per cent of people used the same password for multiple devices and 26 per cent shared their log-in details with family and friends.

“It’s all too easy to take the attitude that nothing will ever happen to you and that it will always happen to someone else – but of course that’s just not the case.

“And ultimately, failing to take out the right insurance cover can prove to be a very expensive mistake. In fact, this attitude means people in the UK are having to pay out on average £50 per month to make up for unexpected dramas.”

Dave said the research had revealed worrying results with so many people putting themselves at risk online by not protecting their devices.

“Don’t try to cut corners when it comes to insurance and don’t just automatically go for the cheapest quote as it may not always include the cover that you actually need.

“Make sure you read the small print and don’t be one of the increasing number of people who fail to protect their mobile phone or tablet as you may well regret it later.”