Drivers returning to the roads as the post Covid recovery continues have been warned they need to check their eyesight.

Health and safety experts at theHenshalls Group are backing the DVLA’s Number Plate Test campaign – which reminds motorists they need to be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away in order to drive safely.

Rob Andrews, who leads the in-house health and safety team, said: “Many people may well have missed their regular eye test during the course of the pandemic, and so we’re calling on drivers to check how well they can see before they get back behind the wheel.

“A survey conducted by the DVLA showed that more than half of motorists who were interviewed were unaware of the 20-metre rule, which is obviously a great concern now that we’re all returning to a more normal life.

“So whether you’re on the school run, or you’ve returned to your daily commute, traffic levels will obviously increase so it’s vital you’re fit to drive.”

The Number Plate Test campaign aims to remind drivers that the test is an easy way to regularly self-check their eyesight.

It also reminds them they should have their eyes tested every two years or immediately if they notice any changes to their vision.

“Twenty metres is approximately the same as five cars parked side-by-side so it’s very simple for motorists to check their eyes whenever they’re out and about,” said Rob.

“And it’s not just from the DVLA’s point of view that this rule is important – if you have an accident and it’s revealed that you couldn’t see properly, you could well find your insurance cover will be invalidated too.

“It’s important that drivers who may well have been off the roads during the Coronavirus pandemic test their eyes before getting behind the wheel once again.

“And if you do find your vision has altered in the past 18 months without you necessarily noticing, book an optician’s appointment as soon as you can.”